Thieves camouflaged as locksmiths

The growing number of disruptions to organized groups that have perpetrated robberies in private Spanish houses and apartments has raised the alarm: this type of gang usually has the help of a supposed specialist in locksmithing, who is often a member of the group itself. Thus, it is inevitable that a general feeling of suspicion increases when faced with classified ads offering the service of a locksmith who is an expert in security locks. Could he be in league with a gang of criminals? Locksmithing tools in the hands of anyoneIt has become known, according to the experts at, that it is increasingly easy to buy materials that should only be accessible to professional locksmiths via the Internet and without any accreditation. The sellers of this material put it into circulation by taking advantage of the anonymity of the network, distributing it to people who may well be unqualified, too young or, in line with what we are discussing here, have dishonest intentions.Although not exclusive to this field, the philosophy that "anyone can easily become anything they want" is proliferating in the locksmith field, and access to courses that promise to qualify students for the locksmith profession in an expert manner and in a short time is also current.

What has been discovered is that this training focuses almost exclusively on the future locksmith knowing how to open all kinds of locks, thus generating nothing more than small generations of potential criminals. Without wishing to sound alarmist, the reality is that, as these courses continue to be offered, thousands of homes throughout Spain are becoming susceptible to break-ins. In an economy where most struggle to make ends meet, many young people are attracted to training for which they need no prior credentials, for which they barely pay and which promises them a key - literally - to effortlessly obtaining wealth. It goes without saying that adrenaline is an added attraction.

How can we protect ourselves? If we are aware of this new panorama in which tools fall into the hands of unqualified personnel and training is scarcely specialized, we will pay special attention to all kinds of signs that give us clues as to whether a locksmith service is serious. In addition, if we have the opportunity, we will try to find security locks for our home that are beyond the reach of the aforementioned pseudo-locksmiths' wisdom.