The Internet is a window on the world that we should not miss

Whether we have a blog or a website aimed at a specific niche, good marketing is essential to be visible and achieve great objectives, both social and financial. To do this, it is not enough to have the right tools, but also to have the right plugins. If we want a blog to work, all we have to do is select those that interest us. But what is a plugin? In case you are wondering, it is a software or program that is inserted into our content to make it more productive and give it visibility.

If we have the appropriate plugins, we are assured of success. Here are 5 plugins for you to develop your action plans:

  • SEO: Who doesn't know or hasn't ever heard this word? The SEO is in charge of improving the visibility of our page from any search engine. And, we already know that we are invisible on the Internet if we are not well positioned. Today, we have some websites that help us in this task, such as Wordpress plugins to improve SEO.

    It is already part of our vocabulary and it is essential to achieve success in any virtual project.

  • Social networks: when we want to make a project known, it must always be presented in society, in this case, on social networks. Being active and offering direct messages, while attractive, will make our page grow quickly. Here it is convenient to invest time to prepare the content that we are going to share, since if this content is liked by the users it will be shared continuously, we will get them to talk about the service or the product that we offer and, in addition, they will wait impatiently for our publicity.
  • Web Analytics: this is the great unknown for many. What is it? It basically analyzes our blog, controlling the visits it has had, as well as the entries or posts most visited by users.

    In this way, we can orient ourselves towards the interests of the users themselves and improve our content. Google Analytics is a free tool that takes care of this function and has become essential in the world of marketing.

  • Semrush: is the least known tool of all. It quickly analyzes the different market niches with business opportunities... a unique opportunity if we still don't know what to target! In addition, it also studies the competition, so we can know where their traffic comes from and this will help us to target a certain territory.
  • Security: which, although it is the last position in these plugins, does not mean that it is the least important, on the contrary! Security offers us the guarantee of having our website safe from malicious Internet users.

    Wordfence, for example, blocks those who try to enter our website. Security is always essential in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and to be reassured.