New technologies and their influence on tourism

New technologies are a fundamental key to change and evolution in the commercial sector with a particularly strong influence in some sectors such as tourism. This is due to the great boom experienced by a series of technological elements that are presented as determining factors in the life of its users. From the generalised use of the Internet to the mobility of telephone terminals and access to the Net, the technologies, in constant development, make people's lives easier, providing great benefits for work, leisure or relationships. The adaptation of the commercial sectors to the use and maximum exploitation of these technologies with communication and social networks as determining factors in their marketing strategies, is an ideal formula for the profitability of companies in the short, medium and long term.

The great change is due to the characteristics of the new technologies, which are capable of opening up business communication channels that were unthinkable just a few years ago. As mentioned, tourism is one of the businesses that can benefit most from the use of new technologies thanks to its intrinsic characteristics related to leisure, culture and entertainment. The use of social networks to publicise destinations, specific websites for travel offers and packages, formulas for booking and contracting hotel services, buying tickets, consulting leisure offers or purchasing tickets for a cruise are some of the options that can be consulted on the Internet and that improve, favour and facilitate access to tourist information for users.Leaving aside the service offered by travel agencies, there are more and more users of cruises , hotels and travel packages in general who personally consult the characteristics of their holidays or escapes, adapting them to their tastes, needs or budget through the use of the Internet and contracting each service separately in order to obtain a better price or greater adaptability of the characteristics of the trip. Likewise, some travel packages offered through the Internet are highly customised thanks to the use by companies of new technologies for the recompilation of user data.

This allows them to have complete information on tastes and needs in order to make better offers.