Make resposive your project online

Adapting company websites to mobile devices is becoming an essential issue. Recently, Google has threatened to penalize all those portals that do not have a version specifically designed for smartphones and tablets when the new version of its positioning algorithm, the famous Panda, sees the light in the coming months. This adaptation, which aims to ensure that a website can be viewed correctly either on a mobile device or a PC, is known as 'resposive' design and, among its virtues, also highlights a faster and more efficient loading time. This is a must nowadays, especially if we take into account the increase of mobile web traffic in recent times.

In fact, several studies estimate that it has already surpassed the traditional one carried out from a computer. The main basis on which the 'resposive' design is based is that, when detecting the type of device trying to access a certain website, the style sheet adapts to the size and resolution of its screen, thus making navigation faster and more fluid. In this sense, this type of design has nothing to do with the specific applications that can be downloaded from the virtual stores of Android or Apple because it is designed for when accessing websites from a browser, ie without having to install anything. This is another key to the success of the designs 'resposive' because many users do not want to install on their mobile devices the specific software of a company but, if only going to make occasional visits to your website, prefer to do so from a browser and thus avoid occupying storage memory.

In fact, most of the corporate apps are only downloaded and used by those who need to access additional functionalities to those offered by the specific company's portal. Returning to the issue with which we started this article, ie, the update of Google's positioning algorithm that threatens to penalize all those websites that do not adapt their designs to mobile devices, we must say that many companies are having, for this reason, to carry out this process as soon as possible. However, many others as, for example, the portal were born using the design 'resposive'. Therefore, without doubt, they start with a great advantage over competitors who did not.

In short, all websites, whether corporate or not, will have to adapt to mobile devices to maintain their SEO positioning and not be penalized. In spite of this, we must take this fact as an advantage because, by making it easier and faster for the user to navigate, the possibilities of sales and increased income grow exponentially.