Characteristics that a company with home services should be aware of

New technologies along with the Internet help expand new business modelsHome services mean more convenience and personalization for the customerSeveral decades ago, it was rare to find companies that offered home services, perhaps a private tutor or emergency services such as a doctor or repairs. On the other hand, nowadays it is very common to find companies with home services: food, massage, beauty services, hairdressing, etc. This is due to the modern lifestyle where time is a precious commodity. people have become more homely, preferring to invest in a good film player and enjoy them at home instead of going to the cinema.

Lots of companies and entrepreneurs have understood that bringing their services directly to the home is in great demand, so two types of home-based businesses have emerged, companies with their own premises and those that only do this. The more traditional companies take advantage of the home service as another profit option, combining it with the traditional customers. The youngest companies are those dedicated exclusively to home services, have relied on new technologies to take advantage of new business models, understanding that participating in social networks brings them closer to the user and can be promoted from there, without the need for a physical place to treat the customer. The potential of a home service company is enormous.

We clarify its advantages as follows:Comfort: it is the main cause that the customer is looking for, he does not have to go physically to the store, avoiding the consequent loss of time and relaxing in his own home.Personalized: the client is the one who selects the service within the possibilities offered by the companies. Some businesses are open to adapting to the client in order to generate trust and loyalty.Closeness: as the service is provided in the home, it makes the user feel closer and more comfortable. Some people feel overwhelmed in unfamiliar or crowded environments.Standardization: nowadays, home services have become standardized, many companies or self-employed people depend exclusively on their services at the customer's home. The Internet and new digital tools help to expand these practices and diversify services.

Word ofmouth: satisfied customers will promote the services to acquaintances, which will increase the demand. Perhaps the biggest drawback of these services is that they have a higher price, but you always have to take into account the cost of travel along with the greater convenience for the customer.